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Søren Mosdal signing Erik The Red in Gosh London

Monday May 15th 6-7 PM
Gosh London
1 Berwick Street, W1F 0DR Londyn

Danish author Søren Mosdal will be signing copies of his title Erik the Red: King of Winter on Monday May 15th, 6-7pm.

Erik the Red tells the story of Erik Torvaldsson, who in 982 left his home of Iceland (thanks to a feud with his neighbour) and established a colony in a land mass he dubbed Greenland (apparently to attract settlers). He ruled there as its “Paramount Chieftain” until his death in 1003. Mosdal’s style adds immensely to the take, reminiscient of the likes of Joann Sfar, Christophe Blain and Blutch.

Needless to say, with Søren passing through London we’re pleased as punch to have the opportunity to host a signing with him, in association with Centrala. Søren will be here on Monday May 15th, from 6-7pm, so come on down! If you can’t make it, but would like a reservation or a mail order, drop an email to


Hungry Hansel and Gluttonous Gretel



176 x 250
Soft cover
24, colour
ISBN: 978-1-912278-01-5

Recommended Age: 16+

Hungry Hansel and Gluttonous Gretel

Relase October 2017

Beyond the seven toadstools and beyond the seven bugs there lived a brother and sister who were always hungry. Unlike Johnny, Maggie does not have a kids’ fascination with larvae. Not having that hobby, one day she steals some keys and opens a story that leads us to an oven, a cake, and a chopped off head.

ZAVKA: Illustrator, author of comics, and graphic artist. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Winner of the prize for the best graphic work in the competition at the Boomfest International Comic Festival in Russia in 2013, and winner of the “Golden Chicken” 2016 – the independent comic prize in the “Drawing” category for the comic Hungry Johnny and Greedy Maggie. She publishes her work in fanzines in Poland and abroad.

The Empty Space


Marianna Sztyma

Translation David Malcolm
210 x 280
34 pages, colour

ISBN: 978-1-912278-00-8

The Empty Space

Relase October 2017

We hope the empty space hasn’t visited you yet.
But it’s possible that before it comes, it’s already been with you for ages.
Then, as it says itself, it’ll be with you always.

Empty space cannot be drowned in tears, you cannot pretend it is not there. You can only tame it.

A graphic novel for children and adults. A story of a girl experiencing a loss after the death of her cat.

Marianna Sztyma
Born 1973.
Painter and illustrator. Most of her work is in press illustration (including for Zwierciadło, Twój Styl, Press, Newsweek, and Wysokie Obcasy). She likes doing illustrations for children a lot. She draws comics and designs covers. She lives in a village in the mountains. When she’s not drawing, she’s stroking cats and dogs.

Dog Days


Anja Dahle Øverbye

Translation: Agnes S.D. Langeland
185 x 255 mm
Soft cover
72 pages, b&w
Originally published in Norway as Hundedagar by Jippi Forlag
ISBN: 978-0-9933951-9-2

Recommended Age: 12+

Dog Days

Relase November 2017

Anja Dahle Øverbye´s graphic novel Dog Days won the Norwegian Comic of the Year award in 2016. It is an impressive debut book that has drawn inspiration from North-Western Norway where she grew up. Dog days are a phenomenon taking place in late summer. According to folklore, the dog days are extremely hot, muck floats up to the surface of water, food goes bad and dogs may more easily go mad. It is at this time of year we meet Anne, who is mid-way between childhood and adolescence. The intensely stifling, sultry weather that summer affects her relationships with both her friends and family.

Her best friend Marielle wants to hang out with slightly older Carrie. When the two of them strike up a friendship, Anne is left out. She is too young to go to the youth club, and too restless to find anything else to do. Can she and Marielle become close friends again? And what is she willing to do to make that happen?

The images are sensitively portrayed in detailed pencil drawings and display keen insight into human nature. The scenery of Western Norway plays a central role in the story.

Anja Dahle Øverbye (1981) has studied at KIB, Bergen Art School, and has a bachelor in illustration and visual communication from UCA in England. She now lives in Oslo, where she works as a creator of comics and as an illustrator.

Norwegian Comic of the Year award in 2016



Joanna Karpowicz

200 x 148 mm
48 pages, colour

ISBN: 978-0-9933951-6-1


relase November 2017

There’s a mystery suspended in each of these intriguing paintings, pulling you into its depths. The figure of Anubis seems to be an outsider waiting to participate in each painting’s story – like yourself as an observer of the image,
There’s an entire narrative waiting for the viewer in every picture, and the strangeness of each scene provokes questions in your mind as to what is (or could be) unfolding. You want to step into each painting and discover its secrets.

Derk Brazell
Varoom Publisher

Edinburgh Comic Art Festival

Saturday 26th November 2016
Book your free ticket now.

On Saturday 26th November Monika Szydłowska will presents Do You Miss Your Country?

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October 29th 2016

Culture Without Borders Festival

Clapham Library London
We will be there with our books.
Free entry

A celebration of Polish culture and people. Children’s activities, Author talks, Short films, Music, and Dance. Also an opportunity to purchase Eastern European arts, crafts, foods, and some unique Polish graphic novels.

Clapham Library,

91 Clapham High Street, SW4 7DB Londyn

Poster by Ola Szmida



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Launch of Monika Szydłowska’s book on immigrant experience

Thursday 19 May, 6:45pm
Free Word Centre
Free Word Lecture Theatre
60 Farringdon Road

Thursday 19 May, 6:45pm

Free Word Centre

Free Word Lecture Theatre

60 Farringdon Road

London EC1R 3GA

Tickets: £5/£3

Book online or call 020 7324 2570

Na emigracji. (On Emigration) – an online comic by Polish visual artist Monika Szydłowska - started out on Facebook, where it now has almost 13,000 fans. It shows the life of a Polish immigrant in the UK through the medium of minimalist watercolours accompanied by a few well-chosen words. Despite their simplicity, they evoke a whole spectrum of the immigrant experience: difficulties in translating humour, trying to explain your cuisine to uncomprehending locals, confusion over pronunciation, casual prejudice and family conversations via Skype. It offers understated, funny commentary on straddling two cultures.

Read Migrant Conversation Pieces, or a Phrasebook for Beginners. Kaja Pawełek’s review of the book.

Centrala, a publishing house specialising in comics, is launching Do You Miss Your Country?, a collection of Monika’s art in book form. Come and listen to Monika talk to Sarah Lightman, an artist, writer and curator, co-founder and co-director of the Laydeez do Comics collective. Then stay on to raise a glass to the book, see Monika’s art on Free Word’s walls and maybe – if you’re lucky – witness some live painting.


Monika Szydłowska graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Poznań in 2011 with an MA in graphic design. In 2013, she moved to Scotland, where she completed a course in art therapy and where she leads art workshops with disabled people. In October 2013, Monika started the blog Na emigracji., a series of illustrations depicting the adventures she’s had since leaving Poland. In winter 2015, the publishing house Centrala published Do You Miss Your Country?, a collection of the illustrations.

Sarah Lightman studied at the Slade School of Art for her BA and MFA, and is currently a PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow on “Dressing Eve and other Reparative Acts in Women’s Comics”. Sarah is co-founder and co-director, with Nicola Streeten, of Laydeez do Comics. She co-curated the internationally touring exhibition Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women, and edited Graphic Details: Jewish Women’s Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews (McFarland), the first book on Jewish women and comics. Sarah exhibits her drawings and animation films in museums and galleries around the world, and her visual autobiography, The Book of Sarah (Myriad Editions), will be published in 2018.

Organised by Free Word Centre and Centrala as part of Free Word’s Translators in Residence programme, this year curated by Marta Dziurosz. Supported by the Polish Cultural Institute in London.

Elephant on the Moon


Mikołaj Pasiński


Gosia Herba

250 x 250 mm
48 pages
hard cover
ISBN: 978-0-9933951-2-3

Recommended Age: 6+

Elephant on the Moon

Elephant on the Moon is a richly illustrated tale of courage, passion and determination. Although it is directed mainly at younger readers, it refers to serious events.

In a small town there lives a lady astronomer. Every evening she looks at the moon through her telescope. She knows it like the back of her own hand. Even in her sleep she can name all the mountains, the craters and the oceans of the silvery globe. One night she makes an amazing discovery. Can it be that there’s an elephant living on the moon? The members of the Moon Society refuse to believe her.

Elephant on the Moon is a richly illustrated tale of courage, passion and determination. Although it is directed mainly at younger readers, it refers to serious events. Sir Paul Neal in the seventeenth century – one of the astronomers of the Royal Society – is supposed to have been the first to observe an elephant on the moon. At the time, his discovery provoked much confusion and fired the imaginations of many writers. Thanks to Samuel Butler’s satirical account, the story reached France. Fontaine himself wrote a tale about it – “Un animal dans la lune.” Almost 350 years later Gosia Herba and Mikołaj Pasiński have come back to this story of the moon, and out of it they have spun a new tale full of adventure.

Gosia Herba studied history of art. For more than eight years, she has worked as an illustrator. She has worked with La Nación, The Washington Post, Virginia Quarterly Review, Monocle and Penguin Random House. She does illustrations for the press, and designs posters and covers for books and CDs. Recently she has started to do illustrations for children.

Mikołaj Pasiński is interested in the study of culture. He works in graphic design and multimedia.

Gosia Herba and Mikołaj Pasiński are authors of a comic for adults entitled Fertitlity.

Release Autumn 2016

Behind our books. Spring 2016

Behind Our Books April 6 Fast wie zu Hause : Comiclesung und Gespräch mit Autorin Karolina Chyzewska, Berlin, Germany 8 & 9 Sztriptíz Indie Comics Fair | SZT Budapest, Hungary 16 & 17 Fumetto Comix-Festival Luzern, Switzerland 16 & 17 COMICINVASIONBERLIN, Germany 23 & 24 Fumetto Comix-Festival Luzern, Switzerland May 14 & 15 TCAF – The […]

Behind Our Books


6 Fast wie zu Hause : Comiclesung und Gespräch mit Autorin Karolina Chyzewska, Berlin, Germany

8 & 9 Sztriptíz Indie Comics Fair | SZT Budapest, Hungary

16 & 17 Fumetto Comix-Festival Luzern, Switzerland


23 & 24 Fumetto Comix-Festival Luzern, Switzerland


14 & 15 TCAF – The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Canada

19 – 22 Warszawskie Targi Książki / Warsaw Book Fair, Poland

26 – 29 Internationaler Comic-Salon Erlangen, Germany

28 & 29 BICF, Brighton, UK

29 DIY Cultures 2016: Zines, Comics, Alternative Day Festival, London, UK


9 – 11 Oslo Comics Expo, Norway

10 – 12, ELCAF, London, UK

15 – 18, I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel, Switzerland

Fast wie zu Hause


Karolina Chyżewska

Abmessung: 165x235 mm
Seitenzahl: 96
ISBN: 978-83-63892-42-5

Fast wie zu Hause

Mit viel Witz und Charme erzählt Karolina Chyzewska in ihrem Debüt von ihrer Herkunft und zeigt, dass Identität, unabhängig von jeglicher Nationalität, die Familie selbst ist.”

Karolina ist zwar in Deutschland geboren und aufgewachsen, ihre Wurzeln liegen aber in Polen. Welche Bedeutung hat es für sie, eine Polin oder eine Deutsche zu sein? Und muss sie sich überhaupt entscheiden, obwohl sie doch aus beiden Ländern stammt?
Mit einem Auslandssemester begibt sich die Kunststudentin auf die Suche nach der eigenen Identität. Ihre Reise führt sie nach Krakau – die Stadt, in der auch schon ihre Mutter die ersten Jugendjahre verbrachte. Karolina begibt sich auf ihre Spuren, und Vergangenheit und Gegenwart beginnen, sich miteinander zu verweben…
Mit viel Witz und Charme erzählt Karolina Chyzewska in ihrem Debüt von ihrer Herkunft und zeigt, dass Identität, unabhängig von jeglicher Nationalität, die Familie selbst ist.”

Die in Deutschland aufgewachsene Karolina verbringt ein Auslandssemester im polnischen Krakau. Endlich kann die Kunststudentin das Land ihrer Eltern aus erster Hand kennen lernen. Neben ihren Erlebnissen in der Weichselstadt schildert sie in Rückblenden die Geschichte ihrer Mutter und deren Streben nach einem eigenen Leben, das sie letztlich nach Deutschland führte. Und während ihre Mutter ihre Heimat immer im Herzen trägt, wird Karolina von der Frage nach der eigenen Identität begleitet, ob sie sich als Polin oder Deutsche versteht.

Pünktlich zum Neujahr 1986 entschied sich Karolina Chyzewska, dieser Welt entgegenzutreten. Geboren und aufgewachsen im schönen Göttingen, fühlte sie sich in ihrer polnischen Familie geborgen. Nach der Schule ging sie zum Studium an die Kunsthochschule Kassel, wo sie sich auf die Bereiche Comic und Trickflm spezialisierte. 2012 studierte sie für ein halbes Jahr an der Akademie der Schönen Künste in Krakau, Polen, um ihre Fähigkeiten zu verbessern. Nach ihrer Rückkehr hatte sie diverse Ausstellungen und kleine Publikationen mit ihrem Kollektiv „Die Goldene Discofaust“ und machte ihren künstlerischen Abschluss. Nach ihrem Studium entschloss sie sich für den nächsten wichtigen Schritt ihres künstlerischen Daseins, und ging nach Berlin. Dort arbeitet und lebt sie als freiberufiche Comiczeichnerin und Trickflmerin.
Karolina veröffentlichte ihre Arbeiten bereits in den Magazinen Strapazin und Triebwerk (Max und Moritz-Preis für die beste studentische Comicpublikation) und wurde für den Comic “Come with me” mit einer “Honorable Mention” bei der Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2014 ausgezeichnet.

Comics Cookbook


Various artists

148 x 210 mm
116 pages
Hard Cover
ISBN: 978‑0‑9929082‑9‑4

Comics Cookbook

Over 120 works where received for Comic Cookbook competition during 6th international comics culture festival Ligatura, Poznań, Poland.
The anthology includes 93 works by artists from Australia, Austria, Argentina Sweden, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, UK, USA.

Patrycja Bołzan, Fluffy French Toast
Judith Bungert, Stinging Nettle Pesto
Arinda Craciun, Pickles
Alan Gajewski, Sandwich for the Lazy
Błażej Kurowski, Guacamole
Basia Łukasik, Hummus
Łukasz Pawlak, Tofu Scramble
Agata Plank-Wcisłowska, The Best Sandwich
Daria Solak, Pesto Genovese
Katarzyna Szaulińska, Patriot Sandwitch

Doreen Borsutzki, Waremer Nudelsalat
Kevin Eder, Tomato Banana Salad
Jonathan Kröll, Watermelon, Green Olive, and Pistachio Salad
Karolina Pielarz, Need-Make
Paulina Skowron, Vegetable Salad

Mathias Barth, Sopa de Caracol
Blue Bell-Bhuiyan, Carrot and Garlic Soup
Richy K. Chandler, Breakfast Soup
Izabela Dudzik, Salmon Soup
Barbara Dziadosz, Chicken Broth
Melanie Gandyra, Indian Pumpkinsoup
Vasilena Harizanova, Tarator
Jakub Jankowski, Antoni Serkowski, Special Recipe for Żur
Ina Korneliussen, Tomato Soup
Anna Krztoń, Mexican Spicy Soup (Vegan)
Michal Löwy, Strong Chicken Soup
Katarzyna Miniewicz, Old Polish Cookbook’s Heroes
Verena Muckel, Finnish Soup with Salmon
Katarzyna Urbaniak, Chicken Broth

Natalya Balnova, Shrimp and Basil Pasta
Julia Beutling, Hearty Pancakes Made Vegan
Mirjam Brodersen, Saffron-Spaghetti with Zucchini
Barbara Dziadosz, Paella
Fraet Comicpopart, Grilled Rattlesnake
Harukichi, Dj Cat Gosshie in KKK
Hannah Lee Miller, Buffalo Wings
Nicholas Miller, Hai Xian Zhou
Nicholas Miller, Frittata (Italian Style Omelette)
Nicholas Miller, Spaghetti All’ Amatriciana
Zuzana Mulickova, Cottage Cheese Fruit Dumplings
Eva Plaputta, Sweet Potato Cannelloni
Paul Shinn, Okonomiyak
Paulina Skowron, Cod
Daria Solak, Al Ragu
Karina Tungari, Crazy Rice
Andrzej Wieteszka, Arrabbiata / No Chefs! No Justice!
Nikolay Yalnazov, Stuffed Peppers
Yang Yunhee, Flexible Bulgogi
Johanna Zabojnik-Ihla, Red Beet Wrap With Salad

Conori Bell-Bhuiyan, Aubergine and Chickpea Curry
Maren Endler, Caramelized Carrots with Almonds
Marie-Pascale Gafinen, All Year Vegetables
Marika Haustein, Mashed Potatoes
Nika Jaworowska, Tomatoes & Aubergine Jenga
Hannah Lee Miller, Pitta Bread
Mia Löb, Fennel and Beluga
Verena Muckel, Filled Vine Leaves
Milena Simeonova, Soda Bread

Ewa Baran, Emergency Cake
Georgina Chadderton, Maryanne’s Beet & Carrot Cake
Natalia Gościniak, Muffinmonster
Adi Hollander, Oma’s Chocolate Cake
Nika Jaworowska, Pears with Linseed & Coconut Milk Cream
Nika Jaworowska, Pecan Cake
Aleksandra Jędrzejewska, How to Make a Brownie
Nicolas Krizan, Ice Cream Comics
Agata Królak, Kogiel Mogiel
Mansilla Leandro Armando, Sebastián Mercau, Some Old Flavour
Ivana Minářová, Vegan Coconut Chocolate Balls
Julia Müller, Grannys Chocolat Muffins
Katarzyna Rucińska, Pancake
Jennifer Van De Sandt, Chocolate Mousse
Agnieszka Świętek, Apple Pie
Katarzyna Urbaniak, Pancakes with Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse
Van Laer Jo, Belgian Waffles
Curcija Vina, Strukli
Maria Zdulska, Apple Pie
Karolina Zieleniewska, Carrot Cake

Anna Dowsland, Nettle Beer
Ewa Godlewska, Parsley Juice
Pol Guillen, Vermouth Soda and Sun
Aleksandra Jędrzejewska, Lemonade
Martina Laser, The Cooking Buddha
Ewa Maczyńska, Sailor’s Bold Remedy for Cold
Katarzyna Rucińska, Black Dahlia
Paulina Skowron, Raspberry Drink

Joanna Elantkowska-Białek, Breakfast for Twiggy
Romek Gajewski, „Pho” Soup
Grzegorz Janusz, Tomasz Niewiadomski, Feast for Two
Maja Starakiewicz, Distimmed Doshes
Joanna Witek, Futurist Cooking
Marta Zdulska, Persian Love Cake

Locomotive / IDEOLO at East London Comics and Art Festival

Sunday 21st June 2015, London
Workshops with Małgorzata Gurowska & Joanna Ruszczyk


With Polish Cultural Institute we warm invite to workshop with both authors unique book Locomotive/IDEOLO based on works by Julian Tuwim

Join artists Malgorzata Gurowska and Joanna Ruszczyk in a workshop that will continue the themes of their book Locomotive/IDEOLO. Help to design additional pages for their book and get inspired by watching a screening of a stop motion animation and listening to a poetry reading in the process.

Visit ELCAF page.

21st June, Sunday
3.30 PM – 5.30
The Laundry E8
2-18 Warburton Road, E8 3FN London, United Kingdom
Entry free



Jan Soeken

180 x 255 mm
40 pages
soft cover
Translation from German by Nikki Martin
Proofread by Ewa Lipińska

ISBN: 978-0-9929082-8-7


Two friends are on their way to Ku Klux Klan meeting taking place deep in the forest. It’s just a shame that the instructions in the e-mail were so unclear…

The events in this book are based on a true story.
In the early noughties, it emerged that two German police officers had been members of a Ku Klux Klan spin-off group operating in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. During questioning as part of a later police investigation, the two officers refuted accusations of racism, claiming that they had joined the Klan solely to meet new people, particularly those of the opposite sex. Whilst under interrogation, they also complained about the Klan’s initiation ceremony, which took place in a forest and was allegedly poorly organised. Both officers were subjected to disciplinary action but, due to their supposed naïveté, they were allowed to keep their jobs in the German police force.