Our Titles

Wage Slaves

Daria Bogdańska

Wage Slaves is a story about union struggle when you are somebody marginalized by society.

The Art of Hate

Various artists

Frame 2019 Anthology

The Silence of the Hippo. Black Folktales

New book from Czech Republic


Various artists

Women’s comic anthology from Poland


Marek Rubec

From Czech Republic

Fresh from Finland!

Tuomas Tiainen

Jenny Haniver, a silent comic in black-and-white, is about powers greater than the individual.

My Parents Are Not My Real Parents

Kamil Macejko

Rachel Karafistan

All text in three languages: English, German and Polish

Wake Up

Various artists

Frame 2017 competition catalogue

Old Farts

Sorina Vazelina

Relase September 2017

Hungry Hansel and Gluttonous Gretel


Relase October 2017

The Empty Space

Marianna Sztyma

Relase October 2017

Dog Days

Anja Dahle Øverbye

Relase November 2017


Joanna Karpowicz

relase November 2017

Staring from the Hill

Norbert Rybarczyk

“A delightfully bizarre celebration of friendship and the bonds of music. Engagingly chaotic and pulsing with energy.” – Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

Disco Cry

Disco Cry

Marianna Serocka

based on a true story

Erik the Red – King of Winter

Søren Mosdal

Inspired by the real story of the colonisation of Greenland, a tale of the wild North, masterfully told by the Danish author Søren Mosdal.