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Panic! Pandemic Diary from Italy


Francesca Colombara

170 x 220 mm
96 pages
full color
Softcover with flaps
ISBN: 978-1-912278-24-4

Panic! Pandemic Diary from Italy

Quirky drawn quarantine story

Panic!’ tells the story about the three months quarantine of Diego and Viola, in a little flat in the suburbs of Bologna.

Diego is afraid of everything and he wants to lock himself in his house for ever. Viola only wears pajamas and she’s afraid that her family will become infected. They have a dog named Panic that will grow exponentially during lockdown, and they clean the grocery with the disinfectant gel. This comic is a magnifying glass on Viola and Diego’s ecosystem: their home. It’s the story of their anxiety. Panic is an autobiographical story, and it tells that even a home can be a crowded place.