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Jean-Gaspard Páleníček, Václav Šlajc


My Parents Are Not My Real Parents

Rachel Karafistan

Kamil Macejko

The Empty Space

Marianna Sztyma

Staring from the Hill

Norbert Rybarczyk

Disco Cry

Marianna Serocka

Amazing Athletes. 50 Remarkable Athletes of History

A unique comic book on sports and it’s most outstanding characters.

£ 13.99

148 x 200 mm
120 pages
Munken White 140 gram
ISBN: 978-1-912278-13-8
UK and Northern Ireland International
Shipping cost: £3 £10
Free Shipping On Orders over: £50 £100

Product Description

A unique comic book on sports and it’s most outstanding characters.

Ready… Steady… Go!!! And we’re off. 50 amazing Athletes pushing their minds and bodies in the great competition of sports. Who will win the medal and who will win the hearts? On the way through the ages, the reader discovers what real sportsmanship is made off. Whether the athletes stick out through their godlike physical ability or their incredible willpower, all of them have one thing in common: The courage to go a step beyond the finish line.

Till Lukat was born on Valentine’s day 1991 in Berlin, Germany. After living in Portugal for a year he has now moved back to Berlin, Germany where he lives in a Camper van in which he thankfully doesn’t have to work anymore after renting a separate studio space. He has studied Illustration and Visual Communication at the University of Arts in Berlin and at the University of the West of England in Bristol. He finished his studies in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree. Since then he has published two books, which have been translated into four languages, won the Ligatura Pitching, appeared in Publications such as Stripburger, Kuš!, Off Life and Schnösel Mösel, Published a webcomic on and had an exhibition at the Fumetto International comix-festival, Luzern in 2016.

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Available also in Czech and Polish

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