Comely Girls


Gareth Brookes and Steve Tillotson

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150 x 210 mm
32 pages

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Product Description

Truly, our nation’s youth is saved.

First they said it wouldn’t happen. Then they said it shouldn’t happen. But we don’t listen to them – Comely Girls, by Gareth Brookes (The Black Project, The Land of My Heart Chokes on Its Own Abundance) and Steve Tillotson (Banal Pig, Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure), is here!

The long awaited companion to Manly Boys, Comely Girls is the essential guide on how to be a lady, written by two men in their mid-thirties. We say again – essential.

So finally we can find out about ‘Great Women of History and Their Recipes’, ‘England’s Most Eligible Bachelors’ and answer the age old question, ‘What About Spinsterhood?’.


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