Metroland 2


Ricky Miller & Julia Scheele

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168 mm x 239mm
36 pages
full colour
ISBN: 978-1-910395-08-0

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Product Description

Avery Hill Publishing

What happens when rock stars just won’t die..?

In the second issue of their acclaimed limited series Metroland, Ricky Miller and Julia Scheele (I Don’t Like My Hair Neat, Double Dare Ya) continue the story of South London indie band Electric Dreams, this time focusing on multi-instrumentalist and all-round star, Kathy.

As Stardust continues to fall apart and Jessica Hill remains missing, Kathy hangs out with The Five Years Cult and dreams of the end of the world.

Then, on the b-side, Miller is joined by Rebecca Strickson, as they delve into the past and tell of how Jessica Hill joined the band!

“It’s a great, great comic” – Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

“It’s one of my favourite books at the moment and has a uniquely individual feel. It’s caught in a trance like weekend of music and existentialism. Miller plays with the concepts of time and experience” – Tony Esmond, Down the Tubes


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