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My Parents Are Not My Real Parents


Rachel Karafistan


Kamil Macejko

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250 x 250 mm
60 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9933951-7-8

Recommended Age: 16+

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Product Description

All text in three languages: English, German and Polish

We all started out with our own confused but creative view of the world. For many of us, these views hardened into actual ‘beliefs’. This book is a collection of some of these childhood imaginings; conceived by children but remembered by adults. These idiosyncratic histories inspired by our own limited life experiences are more than just a shared belief in Father Christmas.

As children, we are magicians, painters, writers, dancers, storytellers, singers, masters of play and accomplished all-around make-believers. We create parallel worlds and people; our imaginations are unfettered by logic. As adults, we segregate and compartmentalize almost everything, including art and artists. We relegate some and elevate others. Ultimately, we delegate the job of creativity to those whom we believe do it better.

In these times when new and unexpected things divide us, where life leaves little room for imagination, these beliefs can remind us of our common roots and of how creative we used to be.

Shared by many generous adults, drawn by Kamil Macejko and collected by Rachel Karafistan.


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