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Next Time Everything Will Be All Right

The story is about the village girl Marte who has moved to Oslo to study and work at a library.

Next Time Eveerything Will Be Alright

£ 16.00 £ 12.00

Translated by Agnes Scott Dunsire Langeland
190 x 250 mm
100 pages
Hard cover
ISBN: 978-1-912278-30-5

Recommended Age: 9+

Supported by NORLA
UK and Northern Ireland International
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Product Description

The story is about the village girl Marte who has moved to Oslo to study and work at a library.

With her previous books (including published in English ‘Dear Rikard’), Lene Ask got a lot of attention, especially for her personal and humorous descriptions of her own life. ‘Next time everything goes right’ is Ask’s first cartoon that is not about herself. The artist handles the transition to the new format excellently. She tells the story about the village girl Marte who has moved to Oslo to study and work at a library. When her father dies, Marte has to go home again, and among other things try to find out her relationship with the strictly religious mother. With persistent idealism, she strives to make the right choices, but throughout history gets new insights into what is important in life.
Lene Ask again shows her ability to describe people with great empathy and credibility. She glides freely between the big existential themes and the small everyday events. Her clear drawings and effective use of colour drive the story forward and support the characters’ characteristics.

Lene Ask (b. 1974) is a Norwegian comics and children’s book writer. Though initially a photographer, since the debut of her graphic novel “Hitler, Jesus og farfar” in 2006, Ask has worked extensively in the field of comics, books and illustrations.

She graduated from the Norwegian Institute for Children’s Books, studied photography at Bergen Art Academy for three years, and was an exchange student as photographer at FAMU, Prague. In addition she studied art history at the University of Bergen, and art at Rogaland College of Art, Stavanger (NO).

Ask works with both documentary and fiction and has published over 25 books, as author and/or illustrator, several of them translated to other languages. She has also published a number of articles and short stories in several anthologies. Ask is a much sought lecturer and has exhibited her works at a wide range of venues.

Ask sees herself as a visual storyteller, both when she draws pictures and writes novels. In her graphic novels she works with the tension between words and images.

Next Time Everything Will Be All Right

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