š! #20 ‘Desassossego’

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Format: A6 (10cm x 15 cm / 4" x 6"),
164 pages,
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ISBN: 978-9934-518-23-2

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Product Description

Comics anthology with comics by artists from Portugal on the theme of ‘Disquiet’!

Cover: Daniel Lima,

Artists: Amanda Baeza, André Lemos, André Pereira, Bruno Borges, Cátia Serrão, Daniel Lima, Daniel Lopes, Filipe Abranches, Francisco Sousa Lobo, Joana Estrela, João Fazenda, Marta Monteiro, Milena Baeza, Paulo Monteiro, Pedro Burgos, Rafael Gouveia, Tiago Manuel

Includes an introduction to Portuguese comics by Marcos Farrajota and a special photo section by Tiago Casanova.


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