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ś! 25 Gaijin Mangaka


Various artists

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Format: A6,
164 pages,
perfect bound,
high quality and environmentally friendly Munken paper.
ISBN: 978-9934-518-42-3

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Product Description

relased 26 July 2016

Cutting-edge alt comics by western artists inspired by Japanese manga.
Cover: Berliac (Argentina) Contributors: Andrés Magán (Spain), Aseyn (France), Ben Marcus (USA), Berliac (Argentina), Daylen Seu (USA), Dilraj Mann (UK), GG (Canada), Gloria Rivera (USA), Hetamoé (Portugal), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland), Luis Yang (Spain), Mickey Zacchilli (USA), Nou (USA), Vincenzo Filosa (Italy), xuh (Poland). Coeditor: Berliac Introduction: Paul Gravett (UK)


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