Sale of comic books and graphic novels for Ukraine

We’re launching a book sale, all proceeds from which will be donated to help Ukraine. There are 7 comic books and children’s books from Eastern Europe (including 4 from Czechia) in English and one Czech comic book in Ukrainian. Many thanks to our friends from our warehouse in Great Britain who offered to pack and […]

Panic! Pandemic Diary from Italy

Francesca Colombara

Quirky drawn quarantine story

Puppet, Plum Pit, Plum, Log and Back to Puppet

Chrudoš Valoušek

Vojtěch Mašek

The story is filled with twists and turns, escapades, absurd humour and wonderful linocuts

So Far So Good

Jaromír 99

Jan Novák

Visually arresting graphic novel in a unique noir style!

Amazing Athletes. 50 Remarkable Athletes of History

Till Lukat

A unique comic book on sports and it’s most outstanding characters.

Wage Slaves

Daria Bogdańska

Wage Slaves is a story about union struggle when you are somebody marginalized by society.

The Art of Hate

Various artists

Frame 2019 Anthology

The Silence of the Hippo. Black Folktales

New book from Czech Republic

Jarmil at ¿UNDERGROUND / INDEPENDENT? festival

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Jarmil in France

Jarmil in Angouleme


Various artists

Women’s comic anthology from Poland


Marek Rubec

From Czech Republic

Fresh from Finland!

Tuomas Tiainen

Jenny Haniver, a silent comic in black-and-white, is about powers greater than the individual.


Thank you!

My Parents Are Not My Real Parents

Kamil Macejko

Rachel Karafistan

All text in three languages: English, German and Polish

Wake Up

Various artists

Frame 2017 competition catalogue