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Jean-Gaspard Páleníček, Václav Šlajc


My Parents Are Not My Real Parents

Rachel Karafistan

Kamil Macejko

The Empty Space

Marianna Sztyma

Staring from the Hill

Norbert Rybarczyk

Disco Cry

Marianna Serocka


Gathering of contestants!

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20 pages
200 copies

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Product Description

Gathering of contestants!

The Manager travels in time and space to find worthy contestants for his tournament.

Professional interdimensional wrestling league with a single obliging rule – no rules apply. It’s also a comic series presenting fight coverages in strips – broadcasted both in print and digitally. Basically without dialogues – Vrestlers fight not chat!

Vreckless Vrestlers is a comics tribute to pop culture of 80s and 90s – wrestling, toys, cartoons, comics and games of these times. Things which still give me lots of joy and will forever remain a great inspiration.

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