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Norbert Rybarczyk

Disco Cry

Marianna Serocka

Chernobyl. The Zone

Francisco Sánchez

Natacha Bustos

Do you miss your country?

Monika Szydłowska


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Tuff Ladies at Comic Invasion Berlin Festival

The Winner book at Ligatura Pitching 2014 be launched at Comic Invasion Berlin

Tuff Ladies. 24 Remarkable Women of History by Till Lukat
Saturday 18th April 2015
Book presentation and signing
1.30 PM main stage
Revaler Str. 99 (corner Warschauer Str. x Revaler Str.)
Berlin-Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany
Find our stand and grab your fresh copy of Tuff Ladies on Saturday & Sunday.
Read more about Till Lukat book here.